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HBO Nordic is the official app for the well-known cable TV giant. You'll need it in case you want to enjoy any of their content from your smartphone or tablet, that is if you're lucky enough to have a paid subscription to access any of their huge catalogs of movies and critically acclaimed TV series. With this app you'll be able to watch great performances via high quality video streaming. Also, on top of the huge variety of HBO series to choose from, you'll get a special 'Family' section with child-friendly programming including Disney cartoons and a huge number of family-oriented movies.

When it comes to browsing this popular platform, there are several categories dividing up movies and TV shows by genre and you can also access content by other parameters like popularity, user reviews, as well as a curated selection of current trending shows. Each program has a brief summary next to standard data like: length, production and streaming stats as well as a button to start playing.

Each episode or movie is online in a handful of different languages for both dubbing as well as subtitles, and you can create your own customized playlist. Also, there's the option to cast a video signal to an external monitor thanks to the station's compatibility with Chromecast.
By Raúl Rosso